news_img Mobile phone infrared air conditioner remote control DIY production;

So how do you make a USB power take-off splitter yourself?


news_img ROHM re-brands hi-fi DACs;

ROHM has launched a new branding “MUS-IC” reflecting ROHM’s focus on solutions for high-fidelity audio products.


news_img Omron says USB environmental sensor monitors seven functions;

Omron Electronic Components Europe has introduced a new version of its USB multi-function environmental sensor that that can monitor seven parameters.


news_img micro.bit going to Danish schools;

Farnell element.14 has begun to ship 65,000 micro:bit computers to schools in Denmark as part of an order from Boarding on behalf of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.


news_img Jensen Huang: Moore’s law is dead – long live AI;

GPU Technology Conference, Munich: According to Nvidia founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, there are two dynamics controlling the computing industry today – the end of Moore’s law and software that can write itself, artificial intelligence, or AI.


news_img Microchip, Google Cloud produce IoT development board;

Microchip and Google Cloud have come up with an IoT rapid development board enabling designers to prototype connected devices within minutes.