TENCO TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD. was founded in 1996, is a professional electronic components distributor. Since company was founded, its inception uphold "best product, best reputation, best effiency, best service, reasonable price" business philosophy, based on professional quality and consitent professionalism, we got the trust and support of the majority of suppliers and customers, and rapidly rising in the fierce market competition.

Why choosing us:
  1. Almost 20 years experience in electronic components industry.
  2. A variety of channels to satisfy various demands including military and industrial product.
  3. Sufficient stock on your urgent demand.
  4. Professional high quality service to solve your confusion.
  5. Timely reply within 2 hours during working time.
Who we are:
  1. Tenco Technology Co., Ltd is a reliable and professional electronic components supplier.
  2. We can be No.1 in this field.
  3. We are with great passion of it.
  4. We know,we can gain what we seed.
  5. We can surpass our competitors by achieving it.
  6. Our customers will trust us and make long-term cooperation with us.
What we do :

A variety of channels of electronic components supply is our superiority, Military and industrial integrated circuit (IC) is our main business. For the best service and your most conveniently purchase, we also offer Bill of Materiel list (BOM list) quote and supply, including resistors, capacitors, diode,transistor, LEDs, connectors, etc. To be your reliable and convenient purchasing partner is our goal. To be the world-class electronic component distribution partner is our purpose.